The Beginning
Inspired by their love for Siberian Huskies, Husky Haven Campground began as a dream in
2000.  In March 2000 Barry and B. Jean Atchison purchased the land on which the campground
resides and the journey began.  As the years went by, the land progressed from a naturally
overgrown section of the forest to the current beauty complimenting the Great Allegheny
Passage near the Rockwood, PA Trailhead.

The love of the dogs began in 1994 when our first Siberian Husky, Sebrina, was purchased.  
She was welcomed into our home by our American Eskimo Spitz, Tosha.
The orneriness in her eyes could not be contained.  For anyone that has ever owned a Siberian
Husky, you know what this means!!
From here, Wolf was brought home to be her soul mate, the family was born and the
adventures began.  The Great Allegheny Passage became their second home where
they loved to run.  

Visit a tribute to our Beloved Furry Friends
The campsites are nestled on 14.5 acres of wooded land resting between the Great
Allegheny Passage and the Casselman River at the Rockwood Trailhead.  Each camp
site consists of a picnic table, fire ring, wood bin (firewood provided) and trash can.
Chemical toilets are on site at the campground.  There are four individual
houses with hot showers for campers use located behind our Guesthouse just across
the Casselman River from the Rockwood Trailhead in Rockwood Borough.  At the
bath houses you will also find other amenities for campers in the basement of the
Located in Rockwood Borough just across the Casselman River from the Rockwood Trailhead, is our
three bedroom
guesthouse  for those looking to get away, but not wanting to camp.  Linens and towels
are provided, along with complimentary coffee and tea.  Other amenities at the guesthouse are TV, pool
table, table tennis, computer with high speed internet, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and cellular service.
About Us
Barry and Jean Atchison with their sled
dog team along the Great Allegheny
Passage winter of 2001
Husky Haven Campground
& Guesthouse
Barry L. & B. Jean Atchison
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Tent Campsites along the Great Allegheny Passage
near the Rockwood Trailhead
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